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About the Book

How’s My Driving? is a book dedicated to all things driving. It tackles different traffic conditions and how to deal with each of them. By using his family’s and his own driving experiences as examples, Steve Dziadik aims to raise the awareness of all drivers, especially parents and their teens, to the fact that operating their vehicles must be done aggressively as Defensive Drivers.

Another special book feature is an extensive explanation of insurance coverage and policies. Having experience in the insurance industry, Dziadik advocates for drivers to make sure their insurance policies are understood properly and have sufficient protection for their assets BEFORE they need to use it in the event of a crash, especially if they are the "At-Fault" driver.

Dziadik explains in a manner that is easy for the readers to understand and picture out. He aims for readers to have a concrete understanding that driving safely is the key to avoiding crash.

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About the Author

Steve Dziadik owns and operates a driving school in Florida. For the last eight years, he has been teaching defensive driving techniques to thousands of new and experienced drivers. The author also spent years working in the insurance industry. He uses his extensive knowledge and own experiences to teach lessons and help others learn from it.

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