America Tonight Radio Interview with Kate Delaney

Steve Dziadik November 13, 2019

Steve Dziadik has been teaching defensive driving tactics to novice and experienced drivers for the pas . . .

Was it an "Accident" or a "Crash"?

Steve Dziadik October 26, 2019

Before you completely read this post, please ask yourself if you could easily draw a distinction between the words "Accident" and "Crash"?

Most people I know cannot easily define the difference in . . .

10 Theorems for Safer Driving

Steve Dziadik October 9, 2019

Driving can become a life-altering and potentially deadly activity due to the risks it carries. These 10 theorems should help you have a much safer experience getting behind the wheel.

Why do people text and drive?

Steve Dziadik October 5, 2019

A lot of the people who are consciously driving defensively on a regular basis cannot understand how someone thinks they can text while driving, or even carry on a “hands free” phone call for that . . .

Car Manufacturer Turn Signal Rebate?

Steve Dziadik October 2, 2019

It appears that most people believe that there must be a rebate offered or cash back reward when their cars are traded in for new ones if they haven’t used their turn signals completely up.

Let m . . .

Steve Dziadik owns and operates a driving school in Florida. For the last eight years, he has been teaching de . . .

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