Steve Dziadik October 2, 2019

It appears that most people believe that there must be a rebate offered or cash back reward when their cars are traded in for new ones if they haven’t used their turn signals completely up.

Let me be the first one to tell everyone, that is absolutely NOT TRUE!.

On average in the United States there are about 6,500,000 crashes each and every year.  That translates into about 1 crash every 5 Seconds of each day, including Leap Years!  These crashes result in almost a 50% injury rate which causes some form of irreversible family tragedy.

Turn signals tell other people what you intend to do with your car as you are operating in and around traffic.

Have you ever played a “Stop Sign Waltz” with another car only because neither of you could read the other’s mind.  Turn signals will eliminate that.

There are no solid statistics to say what the crash rate would drop to if everyone started using their turn signals consist with State Driving Statute requirements.  I don’t believe I’m going too far out on a limb to say that the crash rate would see at least a 50% reduction (honestly I think it would be much more significant).  The resulting decrease in injury, deaths and insurance rates would be also significantly affected.

Please use your turn signals everywhere and all of the time regardless of whether you think anyone will see them.  It’s just a matter of habit but the positive results for you and those around you will be significant.

Oh BTW, there is no refund for not using them!

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