Steve Dziadik October 5, 2019

A lot of the people who are consciously driving defensively on a regular basis cannot understand how someone thinks they can text while driving, or even carry on a “hands free” phone call for that matter. The answer for those people is that "you cannot do it" but you may be able to "get away with it" for a while.

I believe this happens for two reasons, neither one of which is valid:

  1. They do it and “get away” with it more than once and then start telling themselves that it must not be as unsafe as people say.
  2. They don’t believe the things that you see on TV or the papers will ever happen to them. Why would you get into a car if you thought it would?

Driving defensively/safely is a conscious AND constant activity that must be done continually while you are in the car (driver AND/OR passenger). Like anything else, you will be confronted with a challenge when you most likely don’t see it coming. Reacting to that challenge with little or no preparation will sometimes result in minor to catastrophic failure, changing your life forever.

Please, drive defensively on purpose so that the only life changing experiences you have are the ones that you want to have.

Please understand that you are one incorrect decision away from being in the next negative published news article unless you avoid it properly.

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